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candle care

1. trim the wick

trim the wick a quarter of an inch before each use to prevent any soot buildup and ensure a clean, even burn.

2. set your intentions

inhale, exhale and allow yourself to take a deep breath. thank you for being here and adding sun moon rising to your candle collection.

3. safety first

always place your lit candle on a stable surface away from flammable objects, drafts (vents and air currents), children and pets.

4. let it burn

burn your candle for at least two hours each use to maintain a healthy wax pool. the two hour burn will prevent the candle from tunneling, allowing the scent to last longer.

5. after the burn

once your candle is done, use hot water to remove the last bits of wax, clean the jar and turn it into a plant pot, drinking glass, desk organizer or another sustainable object.